Hello, my name is Erin Cronin and I’m an educator for students with disabilities (student-centered terminology). I teach high school math and in my 5th year of teaching so far I’ve taught Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Algebra 1-Part I (mix of pre-Algebra and remedial math with TransMath curriculum), Geometry, and English 9. This year, I’m teaching English 9 and Geometry which is interesting to say the least.

When I was in school, I never liked math…it was not my strongest subject, to say the least. However, I somehow found myself in an interview to teach math? I was completely honest when I said math was never my best subject…but I passed, so I must know something? They believed in math and I got the job. I think my previous struggles in math make me a better teacher. I understand the “easy” and common mistakes my students make, because I made them to. I teach math differently, because I have to find a way that makes sense to me. I explain things in as many ways as possible, if necessary. I truly believe that every student is capable of learning. As an educator, it’s my mission to meet the needs of all of my students so that they can learn to their fullest potential. If something isn’t working, I will find another way: another strategy, method, analogy, manipulative, example, etc.

Anyway, I tend to ramble because I love to write. I am very passionate about the things I’m interested, but especially being a lifelong learner and an educator. I often refer to myself as an educator and not simply a teacher (just seems more impressive and powerful).

Teaching has brought several of my passions together: learning, psychology, technology, and creativity (among others). My goal is to make learning fun and engaging for my students. Sometimes that’s especially challenging when kids walk into my classroom with an aversion or even fear of math and/or English. I strive to help every student to make connections with the content and find some application for real life. My goal is to inspire students to learn. Help them find something to gets them excited, that they will seek knowledge, and do something great in life.