Links for Math Teachers

There are tons of resources online. We all know this. But where to find them?! As teachers, we never have enough TIME! So, hopefully this will save you some & make your life easier.

First things first: anything that is underlined blue text is a hyperlink. Click it & it will open the web page/resource I’m referring to…Don’t worry, I set it to open in a new tab! 🙂

The best resource I’ve found:

From Oklahoma high school  math teacher, Sarah Carter. This girl is amazing. And extremely generous, because the downloads are free!

  • Math=Love  This website has free downloads, lesson plans, activities, templates, lots of resources for #interactivenotebooks and some of her favorite things for teachers . She makes learning fun, exciting, and engaging for her students. Her blog posts share ideas of new lesson plans, each time she teaches a new lesson, or teaches and old lesson to new students. She writes about what works, what doesn’t, what she’ll change for next time. And she’s pretty funny, too. I honestly would not have gotten through my first year of teaching without this resource…so if you’re ever reading this, Sarah Carter: THANK YOU!!!

  • Teachers Pay Teachers (often referred to as TPT). If you’re a teacher and haven’t heard of this, you’re seriously missing out! This is essentially a marketplace of resources (lesson plans, templates, graphic organizers, games, and a lot more) created by teachers and for teachers. Teachers are amazing people. We all know this. 🙂 Teachers are creative and generous. TPT allows teachers to share their creations with the world that they have worked on for countless hours and days. There are a lot of free resources (just filter your source by “free”. There are paid products, but don’t be opposed to spend money on these, because the money goes to the sellers (which are other teachers)! You can also create an account to be a seller. If you choose to do this, make sure you read the fine print and copywrite laws/guidelines/standards, because there is a lot of legality at stake when selling products especially with non-original information/content. But don’t be afraid to sell, just do your research to protect yourself upfront.
  • These resources are for all grades, subjects, and resource types. There are even resources for teachers wanting to start selling on TPT! Recently, I discovered that TPT accepts purchase orders, which allows teachers to use their classroom budget on resources for TPT (which is probably more bang for your buck than you could get anywhere else)! Shameless plug: here’s my TPT seller page. When you create a seller account on TPT, you’re required to have some free resources (your first product or 2), but there’s no limit to how many products you can sell. Check out TPT now, if I haven’t already piqued your interest enough!